Churches & Cemeteries

Hipswell Church and Cemetery.

The Parishes of Hipswell, Scotton and Colburn Town Council, fund and maintain the Cemetery.
Each Council provides 3 Councillors to the board who meet on the 3rd Tuesday bi-monthly.  Each Council also pays an annual precept to help maintain the cemetery of which Scotton currently pays £1,648 per annum.  The precept is calculated based on population of each Parish/Town. Colburn, Hipswell and Scotton Joint Burial Authority can be contacted on

The cemetery also holds a section for the Ministry of Defence which they maintain and hold an annual Remembrance Service to commemorate the fallen.  The two west end windows were the gifts of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men from Catterick Camp in memory of comrades buried in the churchyard and those who died during World War I.

St John the Evangelist Church.

St John the Evangelist Church in the Parish of Hipswell dates back to 1811 during the reign of George III and is 2.4 miles from Scotton.  It was built, with the aid of public funds, in the English style of Gothic architecture, having pointed arches and large windows with ornamental stone openwork, and was dedicated to St John the Evangelist, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.  The mural tablets at the west end are in memory of the Revd. Richard Wilson, Mr John Hodgson and the Revd. James Robinson (of the Friary in Richmond), who were instrumental in the building of the church. It was renovated in 1892 and again in 1979 and stands sturdy today more than 200 years later.